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Event date 12 Apr 2019 to 06 Dec 2019
Live webinar
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Health practitioners who employ staff in private practice

Practice managers

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Are you interested in brushing up on your workplace relations knowledge from the comfort of your own desk?

Join AMA Queensland's Senior Industrial Officer Michelle Cowan for an indepth insight into current topical workplace relations matters via live webinar. If the webinar dates do not suit your schedule, you can register to receive a recording of the webinar/s to view in your own time.


  • Workplace Insights - Changing Landscape of Employment
    Friday 12 April, 10am – 11am
  • Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace
    Friday 14 June, 10am – 11am
  • Safe and Healthy Workplaces - Meeting Employer Obligations
    Friday 2 August, 10am – 11am
  • Preparing for the Festive Season
    Friday 11 October, 10am – 11am
  • Dealing with Emergency Events
    Friday 6 December, 10am – 11am

Workplace Insights - Changing Landscape of Employment | Friday 12 April, 10am - 11am           
Keeping up to date with changes in the employment and workplace law can be challenging, particularly as this space continues to evolve. This webinar will cover the significant changes like casual employment, flexible work arrangements and domestic violence leave that have occurred in the later part of 2018 and how your practice can work with the changes to minimise the risk of claims against the practice.

Bullying, Harassment and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace | Friday 14 June, 10am - 11am
Bullying and harassment and alleged sexual harassment within a workplace is a challenging area for employers to deal with. The implications can touch workers compensation, discrimination and procedural fairness matters. This webinar will cover the critical steps to take when you become aware of a potential problem or allegations are brought to your attention.       

Safe and Healthy Workplaces - Meeting Employer Obligations | Friday 2 August, 10am - 11am
Health and safety obligations for employers are broad and can touch issues that you may not have considered and may not be prepared to deal with. This webinar will cover the major issues affecting workplace health and safety obligations of employers in private medical practice and what you can do to ensure you comply with your obligations.              

Preparing for the Festive Season | Friday 11 October, 10am - 11am
The festive season brings a range of challenges from annual leave, shutdowns, alternative arrangements to workplace celebrations and the risks that are attached to those. This webinar will work through the key issues you need to consider for the festive season so you approach it prepared to enjoy and minimise disagreements.                  

Dealing with Emergency Events | Friday 6 December, 10am - 11am
Summer in Queensland has its own set of climate challenges. Whether you are faced with floods, heatwaves or cyclones, nature has a way of touching your workplace. This webinar will cover the need-to-know workplace issues when facing weather events.

Michelle Cowan, Senior Industrial Officer, AMA Queensland
Michelle joined AMA Queensland with experience working in both the State and Federal jurisdictions. Michelle’s early career was established in retail management roles for leading retailers, where she developed expertise in recruiting, training, developing and managing large workgroups in dynamic work environments. She returned to study law in 2010 and on graduation, took an Associate position in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission and then moved into private legal practice, specialising in employment and workplace relations law. Michelle’s breadth of experience from all sides of employment disputes informs members about their employment rights and the practical options available to resolve workplace issues. Michelle has a particular interest in workplace bullying and has successfully navigated members through grievances and investigations. Michelle now heads up the AMA Queensland Workplace Relations Team and looks forward to assisting you with your practice needs, ensuring your practice is compliant with legislative provisions and is running at its most efficient.