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AMA Queensland Private Practice Seminar Series One 2019. Recruiting Well - Avoiding or minimising the legal and cultural pitfall

AMA Queensland Junior Doctor Conference Testimonials

Junior Doctors - AMA Queensland membership and what's in it for you?

Benefits of joining AMA Queensland when you are a Junior Doctor

Back pay, why qualified workplace relations advice is so vital


Celebrity chef George Calombaris’ company MAdE Establishment has been ordered to back pay employees more than $7 million. AMA Queensland Workplace Relations Senior Industrial Officer Michelle Cowan explains why qualified workplace relations advice is so vital. Members can ring the team for advice on (07) 3872 2222 or email

Update from your President - Urgent issues confronting doctors in QLD


What is happening in the digital space across Queensland hospitals

Professor Keith McNeil, Queensland Health Assistant Deputy Director-General and Chief Clinical Information Officer, sat down with us and gave us the first of a series of updates on the roll out of the electronic medical record across most of Queensland’s hospitals.

Meet Queensland's new Health Minister - The Hon Steven Miles

Steven Miles sat down with AMA Queensland and gave us a snapshot of his priorities for health in 2018.